Premiere: Weatherproof garden requirements

weatherproof garden pads

We love our weather resistant beanbags. Practical and comfortable, weatherproof and uncomplicated. That should also be possible for garden furniture cushions ?! No sooner said than done. Now we proudly present you our new garden furniture cushion collection Topper. No need any more to stow them away if grey clouds appear and your garden furniture is ready for immediate use when you get home. The extra strong thick polyurethane soft foam provides a particularly comfortable seating. A combination from high-quality materials and careful processing are the basic requirements for us and the result is a must for any garden lover. Our weatherproof cushions are available for garden chairs, deck chairs, loungers and even for benches.


Our outdoor chairs provide relaxation at the Hotel Mirabell

outdoor-sitzsack hotel-mirabell02


What a great location! The charming Hotel Mirabell in South Tyrol has enchanted us. Fresh mountain air, countless hours of sunshine and a beautifully landscaped spa areas invite you to soul-dangle-let. And can the guests, since this summer, the best on our cuddly outdoor chairs »Peak« and the outdoor beanbags »Slope«. The weatherproof material stands the pool water easily and also a shower of rain is not a problem. What a great place to relax!

Photo: Hotel Mirabell in Hafling