The Outdoor Beanbag for weatherproof comfort –
all year round, anywhere!


The OUTBAG beanbag stands for high-quality, weather-resistant materials:
these defy the tide and create a special feeling good in the open.
Rain or snow – you can leave your outdoor beanbag always outside and make
yourself comfortable whenever you like! Whether an iconic beach location, Cafe,
Event, Fun area or your own garden – the outdoor beanbag falls each in the eye
and invites your guests, neighbors and friends to stay.


 Our bean bag for outdoor are available in many different models – these are designed 

for typical postures and proportions. The beanbag filling adjusts to any body shape and
ensures complete relaxation!
There are the outdoor beanbag in round, square,
in the form of a chair or garden chair.

The beanbag in XXL offers a particularly large wellness area and our garden lounger beds
you like walking on clouds. The little kids beanbag models are like the Great in every way –
the beanbag for children is as robust, weatherproof and makes in bright colors fun!


Our fabrics and materials, we have specially selected and processed for claims of garden furniture.
The selection is so good, as it is unique: you enjoy the cozy atmosphere of our textile fabrics »fabric«,
»Plus« and »Heavy Duty«. Or treat yourself to the luxurious variant »Deluxe« – the outdoor bean bag
in leather look, with materials such as precious cuddly!


Enjoy now the luxury of being able to completely relax in the outdoors! Whether in the spa or 

lounge area on the ship, in your own spa or garden - with outdoor beanbag outdoors is any place
for a wellness oasis and your new favorite place!