City Reading Tour 2014 – browse through the open air

stadtlesen mit dem outdoor sitzsack von outbag


»StadtLesen« is an initiative that combines two exciting areas: The City as a vibrant center and reading, as a place of relaxation. With stories, adventures and knowledge spaces are created far away from everyday life. And yet everything takes place right in the center of the most beautiful places – everything under the sky with fascinating story hours and more than 3,000 books. We are thrilled with the idea to browse through the open air. And looking forward, according to our motto »Out is In» to be involved. Our outdoor beanbags will provide this year cozy places in the city reading tour in 2014 and invite you to dream.


You want to be a part of it in your favorite city? Here you will find the city of Reading Plan 2014. 


Surfing and Relaxing with the outdoor beanbags

Outdoor Beanbag on the beach

The Windsurf Cup is the top annual event for each ocean wave lovers. And also this summer, the relaxation will not miss out! Since several years, we provide the Rollei Windsurf Cup weatherproof places to relax. Our OUTBAG outdoor beanbags withstand sun, sand and sea salt – so perfect for a surfing class event. You desire for water sports and beach action adventure? Dates and further information can be found here.